Blood Moon & the End of Roe

Tonight a sign of the covenant passed through the constellation of Libra (Justice) and reached its zenith about 12:12 am on May 16th. Could this be a sign of God’s Justice and the end of Roe and Casey?

December 2021 God told me we would see a “sign in the heavens in 2022 that the world would know I am still with my people in America.” May 16th (end of Roe?) and Nov. 8 (2022 Election Day). I’ve taught this in-depth for the past 6 months.
Watch what God is doing!! We are about to see a great conflict erupt in America. But this conflict is not for our destruction but for our deliverance!!
I recorded this clip Friday, May 13th, 2022 with Georgian Banov at the Shift. Watch that full broadcast here.

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  • Roberta Cabral
    May 20, 2022
    This was very informative
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