Adam Schindler teaching in Singapore 2017.Adam W. Schindler is the VP of Strategy & Business Development at Giles-Parscale. Best known for their work helping get President Trump elected, Giles-Parscale is a full-service advertising and digital agency specializing in creating the infrastructure to help clients communicate their messages. Adam is an international conference speaker and speaks about the intersection of theology, leadership, politics, design & technology as time permits. Fifty plus creative types mulling about the agency and three small children bouncing off the walls at home keep him quite engaged.

For decades Adam worked as a Senior Pastor, Worship Pastor and Director of Communications for various churches and nonprofits. He also founded Schindler Project, Inc., a registered Texas nonprofit which builds interactive studies rooted in the scriptures. The studies explore the spiritual, cultural, historical and modern day geopolitical implications of the the bible in unique and engaging ways. They cover topics from the book of Exodus, origin of the Temple in Jerusalem to the first century context of the life of Jesus and Jewish origins of the Christian faith.