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Adam W. Schindler is a communicator and digital strategy executive with experience in data-driven digital marketing, messaging, technology architecture, web design, and development. Mr. Schindler has overseen the delivery of 100 million SMS & MMS peer-to-peer message segments, over 20 million customer contacts via phone, and more than 93 million dollars in Facebook marketing spend.

Mr. Schindler is a web developer and server administrator who has architected and deployed multiple lead-generation database solutions that identify and model millions of prospective customers, and hundreds of millions of data points.

Mr. Schindler is the founder and President of Schindler Digital, LLC., a strategic consulting firm. As a fractional executive for his clients, Mr. Schindler has served as a CTO, CSO, CMO, Director of Marketing, SVP Marketing, Data and Strategy, and VP of Digital Strategy for various technology, accounting, media, and non-profit companies. He bridges the knowledge gap between the corporate C-Suite and the highly specialized software and systems engineers they employ. His ability to couple technical requirements with organizational business goals provides his clients with fresh and trusted strategic insight.

Currently, Mr. Schindler serves on the Advisory Board of GCGC Project, an innovative global leadership initiative of GCGC Investments Limited to usher in a new age of economic growth and development. A partial client list includes positions as CTO of Million Voices, CTO of Digital Door Knocking, Director of Online Strategy for Central Church, and Church Growth consultant for ONE Church. He supports several ministry efforts as a founder of World Prayer Network, event organizer, and Emcee and architect of the website and ticket systems for The Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast Dallas, and strategy and marketing for Latino Collation for Israel and New Mine Ministries.

For nearly two decades, Adam worked in the non-profit sector, serving as a Senior Pastor, Worship Pastor, Director of Communications, and almost every role in between.

He also builds interactive studies rooted in the scriptures. The studies explore the spiritual, cultural, historical, and modern-day geopolitical implications of the Bible in unique and engaging ways. They cover topics from the book of Exodus, the origin of the Temple in Jerusalem to the first-century context of the life of Jesus and Jewish origins of the Christian faith.

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Adam is available for weekend church services, interviews or speaking engagements. He travels from the Atlanta, GA area.

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