Wednesday, April 14, 2021

World Prayer Network

World Prayer Network is a new ministry founded by Jim Garlow, Mario Bramnick and Adam W. Schindler. We need to be together more than ever. We all need to know what is happening in this age of disinformation and intimidation. We all need to know how to respond. We all need each other. And we, as Americans, need to learn from the international community, many of whom have gone through radical changes and have learned how to live out their deep Christian faith in challenging circumstances.

About Adam W. Schindler

Welcome to my digital canvas! This site represents the unique mixture of all the things I love: Jesus, ancient history, geo-politics, cultural apologetics, web development, video production and much more. Everything on this site was dreamed up, written, coded, filmed, edited, designed and otherwise birthed into this world by me. If you hate it, man, that’s going around. If you love it, let me know by sharing the content and following me on social media.


Exodus Files Live 

Exodus Files an 8-week LIVE immersive streaming event covering the biblical and historical event of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt. This immersive study is built around the idea that Mt. Sinai is in today's Saudi Arabia, and the scriptures are an accurate chronicling of a historical event. This study runs LIVE Monday Nights @ 8PM ET through March 29th, 2021

Exodus Files Live 

Exodus Files is an exhaustive study on the historical event of the Exodus. Adam is compiling over a decade of teaching, research and biblical insights into a new, modern rendition of the Exodus story. Grounded in the biblical narrative, and informed by current archeology and geopolitics which suggest Mt. Sinai is in Saudi Arabia, the Exodus Files is a study like you’ve never seen before. This special LIVE event recording took place in Nov. 2019.