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New Testament 2024

Every week in 2024, I will teach and pray through the New Testament. Learn about these transformative books’ historical, literary, and theological aspects, and fall in love with Jesus all over again.

Illegitimate Rulers

A 4-part interactive bible study series. Our call is to come out from the pervasive cultural, monetary, and governmental systems with a stranglehold on nations across the earth. In the words of Moses, “Let my people go!”

Discover the Ancient Path

The Christian faith is rooted in an ancient orthodoxy we need to know. It’s God’s story of redemption using the Hebrew people and His Son, Yeshua of Nazareth. I invite you to walk with others as we journey into the ancient Biblical understanding in a modern way.

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Stream Live and archived interactive bible studies, get exclusive live webinar access,  pray for your nation and learn complex theology! 

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