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Illegitimate Rulers PT 4

LIVE THUR. June 2nd 8PM ET

Since God made each person in His Image, humanity bears an intrinsic value having no corresponding monetary worth. A God-designed or approved economic system must be rooted in individual human dignity.

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The Christian faith is rooted in an ancient orthodoxy we need to know. It’s God’s story of redemption using the Hebrew people and His Son, Yeshua of Nazareth. I invite you to walk with others as we journey into the ancient Biblical understanding in a modern way.

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I publish between 2-3 pieces of original content each week. As well as special member-only events and free one-off teachings and live streams on social media.

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All of it! But I would love you to join our community if you want to gain access to my in-depth bible studies and exclusive members-only webinars with national thought leaders.

Yes! I am pouring considerable time and resource into this new site and biblical content creation. I want it to always be free for anyone who wants to grow deeper with Jesus. I am looking to replace 50% of my current client demands with ministry efforts, so your financial support would help this 2022 endeavor be successful.

Currently, this website is managed by my for-profit business, Schindler Digital, LLC. If you choose to support my work your donation will be charged under that name. However, I am in the process of establishing a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Ministry. When that gets approved I will update you.

I do not. I know they can make some people feel safe. Who wants to listen to a teacher with bad theology! I get that. But for others, SOF’s serve as a doctrinal litmus test before they ever engage. How can we ever grow if we’re always rejecting ideas we disagree with before actually listening to them? The goal of communication is understanding not agreement. So for this reason I ask you, if you made it this far into this particular FAQ, to listen to a few of my teachings and you’ll discover where I stand on most everything. HINT: It’s all about Messiah Jesus.

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