Thursday, July 9, 2020

Kavanaugh Hearing: Paid Speech

This morning’s hearing has been nothing short of chaotic. During the first sentence of Chairman Grassley’s opening statements, he was interrupted by Sen. Kamala Harris. She and her organized minority committee members, operating under the direction of Check Schumer, attempted to obstruct the hearing.

(View the HD Version of the Video)

Not only were the Democrats in the Senate organized, the protestors who overran the public ticket line were also organized. You must give props to their persistence. But the demonstrators were paid by anti-Trump groups as eyewitnesses can account for. I respect their right to pay people to exercise free speech. But make no mistake, these disruptive views are not representative at most of America. They are paid political operatives working at the direction of their superiors, not the people.

Here are some pics of the activist leaders and their workers paying protestors.

Here she is getting kicked out of the hearing. Same dress, same hair, same woman.


Adam W. Schindler
Adam W. Schindler is a communicator, consultant, and digital strategy executive with vast experience in digital marketing, messaging and web design and development.


  1. I applaud your reporting this event, however, it is not legal to protest the hearing of a nominee for the Supreme Court. That’s a fact.

    • Phil the Shill, Schindler never said it was illegal to protest, he merely described that the “protesters” were all paid out of a paper bag by some guy, who looked Russian and was located outside the building where the hearing took place. By the way, so now Americans can now scream and wail like Banshees at Demoshats every time they hold a hearing? That is great news, let the fun begin.

  2. This is sick. There is nothing Democrats won’t do to sabotage this country. All the faux outrage is manufactured for the media, including the Parkland Shooter Father staged photo.

  3. Funny thing, though.

    Read Kavanaugh’s opinion on EMILY’s List vs. FEC

    He basically said money spent to promote political issues is free speech, except he used a lot of long winded words to make it sound justified.

  4. When Republican “town-hall” meetings were disrupted on a regular basis after Donald Trump was elected president, I felt that followed a suspicious pattern. In my lifetime I have attended many such meetings, but not until then did this disruptive pattern emerge. Whether the people were paid or not I can’t say, but they were clearly at those meetings to disrupt and obstruct. My nephew told me he saw instruction sheets on how to carry this out. The first thing was to arrive early with a large group and grab seats in front, then shout, insult, ask confrontational questions, and basically dominate and subvert the entire proceedings. What I saw today looked very familiar. I would have recognized the attempted subversion of democracy even if I hadn’t heard the Texas doctors speak out. (And good for them! Thank you, sirs.) This outrageous behavior, from both the politicians and the protestors, is the now-radicalized Democrats’ version of democracy: twisted, bullying, designed to intimidate and shut down free speech. It’s Antifa without the clubs and pepper spray. #WalkAway.

  5. […] On September 4th 2018 around 8:30am ET some friends of mine – the Three Texas Dr’s – as they are now being called, witnessed cash being exchanged while standing in line for public tickets to day one of the confirmation hearing. They and many others saw organizers walking around the public ticket line with large manilla folders providing cash to people. They snapped a pic that I posted later that day. That afternoon I made a video telling this story. I followed up the video with some tweets which included the pic taken by my friends and some pics that I took of a notorious political activist. I compiled them all on my blog entitled Kavanaugh Hearing: Paid Speech. […]

  6. […] up by #TheResistance, playing a part and probably getting paid for it, just as were the protestors paid to disrupt Kavanaugh’s hearings last […]

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Adam W. Schindler
Adam W. Schindler is a communicator, consultant, and digital strategy executive with vast experience in digital marketing, messaging and web design and development.

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