Kavanaugh Hearing: Paid Speech

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This morning’s hearing has been nothing short of chaotic. During the first sentence of Chairman Grassley’s opening statements, he was interrupted by Sen. Kamala Harris. She and her organized minority committee members, operating under the direction of Check Schumer, attempted to obstruct the hearing.

(View the HD Version of the Video)

Not only were the Democrats in the Senate organized, the protestors who overran the public ticket line were also organized. You must give props to their persistence. But the demonstrators were paid by anti-Trump groups as eyewitnesses can account for. I respect their right to pay people to exercise free speech. But make no mistake, these disruptive views are not representative of most of America. They are paid political operatives working in the direction of their superiors, not the people.

Here are some pics of the activist leaders and their workers paying protestors.

Here she is getting kicked out of the hearing. Same dress, same hair, same woman.


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