Un-Trumped: Leftist Collectivism & Patriarchal Oppression (Episode Four)

This week on Un-Trumped the tables have turned! Doug relinquished e the moderator’s seat and asked me to lead a discussion on why he supported Hillary for President. I was eager to do this as I have not gotten the chance to ask him anything about his leftist viewpoints. Support for Hillary is as equally as baffling to those with a conservative viewpoint. But instead of coming at him with a bunch of readily available facts and data about Hilary and the Democratic Party, I decided instead to ask him about some core values the Left, in general, seems to hold. I have found that facts and specific policy questions are not the strongest points of conversation for the political left; as dismaying as this may be.

So I boiled down the topics to three main ideas that I attempted to bring up. I say attempted as it was difficult to cover them in 60 min an even more difficult moving the conversation along to get to the main points. Stay tuned as I will lay them out in more detail as a supplement to the podcast dialogue very soon.

Three Core Values of the Progressive Left

  • Concern for the “Oppressed”
    • In particular, the sense the America has a “systemic patriarchal bias” which oppresses the weak.
  • Universal Human Rights (UHR)
    • In particular the belief that healthcare and access to higher education are UHR.
  • Questions About the Nature of Truth
    • In particular, why facts are not seen as  “true” until they’re “proven” and how this is conflated with the western legal standard of “innocent until proven guilty”.


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