Un-Trumped (Episode One)

Two Guys talking truth from two sides on Trump.

Un-Trumped: 2 Guys Talking Truth From 2 Sides on Trump is a seven-week series centered around my new friend Doug Pagitt trying to understand how I could support Trump. Both Doug and I are committed to our Christian faith. However, Doug finds it incomprehensible that I support President Trump. Our interactions are about growing in understanding and comprehension.

Episode One

This episode centers around how could I support President Trump and some of the reasons I made that decision. I spent a great deal of time discussing my experience of having God speak to me about what I felt His heart was for our nation. It was in January 2016 that I began to edit social media videos for the Trump Campaign. Among other things, I created all of the front-facing  “issues” videos of Mr. Trump speaking directly into the camera. One example is below.

During this time I began to tune in to what God was speaking about this election. I heard many things that I began to share with my close circle of friends. It’s then that I began to discover a large un-connected international circle of people who were hearing very similar things. I also began to look into the scriptures to try and understand how God has moved in nations throughout history and what kind of influence He has in government. This is a MAJOR question and one for which I am currently unable to answer. But I am pursuing it.

Hearing God

The most important aspect of my personal journey on the Trump campaign and subsequent support of President Trump since Nov.8th is that I ventured down the hard road of hearing God. I often think it would be an easier path to simply use my rational mind and cultural echo chamber to order my beliefs. But I’ve committed to not do that on the testimony of the Scriptures. It is one of the most valuable things I have ever learned to do.

This does not mean we should throw out rationality. Far from it! But there is an order to learning to be deeply connected to God. If you use your rationality first and foremost you will continually live connected to ideas about God and largely miss God himself. I have much more to say in this regard and am working on articulating it in a book I’m working on called Death to Right & Wrong.

Lastly, I want to be clear I do not claim God is pleased with my vote. Neither do I claim that God is displeased with my vote. But what I know is that God cares about an intimate connection with His children and I walked through a very arduous process on the Trump Campaign intimately connected to Him. That connection brought Him pleasure. Of that, I have no doubt.

Facebook Live

Here is the Facebook Live Video from last Thursday night. (lower quality audio)


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