Reversing the Culture of Death

Roe & Casey is soon to be overturned. What now? I share specific details of a word the Lord gave me on Sept. 3rd, 2018, and the 6-3 Vote God said was coming in 2022 to overturn Roe.

Also, the Lord gave particular details on economic impact and the division between states. I have posted the word below.

The Word the Lord gave me Sept. 3rd, 2018 on a flight into DC to attend the Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing.

Preparations for the case reversal are underway as you type this word. The writing on the wall will become apparent in late 2019 or early 2020 that abortion “constitutional” protections from the SCOTUS will be overturned. This ruling will happen in 2022 with a 6-3 vote. State preparation should begin as soon as state legislatures and governor offices recognize this reality. Please help and tell them to prepare for the repeal of constitutional protection for abortion. Abortion will not become illegal in 2022. States must move to protect life. 

Roughly 1/3 of the US states will continue to push abortion on their minority and lower-income demographics. This tragic oppression will strengthen the divide between states in the union but demonstrate to everyone the true cost of an abortion in America. 

Abortion states will struggle with decimated economies, staggering public debt, and inflationary local markets. Social pressures and mental frameworks of abortive state residents will shrink the corporate output and state legislatures will double down with soul-crushing social programs. These states’ financial crises can be averted at a tremendous cost to the federal budget. A few states will receive help and shift direction. Many will not. Restricted intrastate commerce laws enacted by the defunct state legislatures will contain pockets of discord. This will just compound the problem for those states that refused federal help and mandated a change of direction. The breaking point for individual states will be different for each. But in the middle of 2025, this will come to a national crisis level and the nation will begin to craft solutions. The economic impact of abortive states will be too dramatic to ignore.  Congress must step in and rectify the problem of abortions’ economic impact on the nation with legislation that bans abortion for any states receiving federal funding for healthcare and education.  

Why tie it to education and healthcare? Studies will demonstrate the economic impact on states, but the socially liberal political houses will not respond to any other threat. Removing transportation dollars will not suffice. Corporate taxes and incentives will not tempt. Full nationwide illegality of abortion in some capacity will happen in 2030.


The case the Lord was talking about is now known. That is Dobbs v Jackson. That significant timelines in that case match perfectly with the word. Bulleted lists below and full quote from Wikipedia on the case.

  • March 2018 – Mississippi Law passed called Gestational Age Act.
  • September 3rd, 2018 – The Lord says case preparations for the “reversal” of Roe are underway.
  • November 2018 – US District Court Judge places injunction on the Law.
  • May 2019 – Same District Court judge places injunction on Mississippi Heartbeat Bill
  • December 2019 – 5th Circuit Court upholds the District Court injunction 3-0
  • February 2020 – 5th Circuit Court upholds injunction against Heartbeat Bill
  • Late 2019 & early 2020 – The Lord said “The writing on the wall will become apparent in late 2019 early 2020 that abortions “constitutional” protects from SCOTUS will be overturned”
  • December 2021 – Oral arguments Dobbs v Jackson at SCOTUS
  • May 2nd 2022 – Leaked draft of Majority Opinion reversing Roe and Casey.
  • Any Day Now! – Published opinion ending 49 years of a constitutional crisis.

From Wikipedia on Dobbs v Jackson

In March 2018, the state of Mississippi passed the Gestational Age Act, which banned any abortion operation after the first 15 weeks of pregnancy, with exceptions for medical emergencies or severe fetal abnormality, but did not include any exceptions for cases of rape or incest. Governor Phil Bryant signed the bill into law, saying: “I am committed to making Mississippi the safest place in America for an unborn child, and this bill will help us achieve that goal.”[7] On the bill, he further stated: “We’ll probably be sued here in about a half hour, and that’ll be fine with me. It is worth fighting over.”[7]

Within a day of passage, the sole remaining abortion clinic in the state, Jackson Women’s Health Organization, sued the state challenging the constitutionality of the bill.[7] The Center for Reproductive Rights supported the clinic in its legal defense.[8] The case was heard by Judge Carlton W. Reeves of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi. In November 2018, Reeves ruled for the clinic and placed an injunction on the state enjoining them from enforcing the Act. Reeves stated that based on evidence that viability of the fetus begins between 23 and 24 weeks, Mississippi had “no legitimate state interest strong enough, prior to viability, to justify a ban on abortions”.[8] The state appealed to the Fifth Circuit, which upheld Reeves’ ruling in a 3–0 decision in December 2019. Senior Circuit Judge for the Fifth Circuit Patrick Higginbotham wrote in his opinion, in upholding Roe, that “States may regulate abortion procedures prior to viability so long as they do not impose an undue burden on the woman’s right, but they may not ban abortions”.[9] A request for an en banc rehearing was denied.[10]

In February 2020, a few months after upholding the injunction on the Gestational Age Act ruling, in a per curiam decision, the Fifth Circuit also upheld an injunction against a second Mississippi abortion law which was aimed to block abortions at the detection of a fetus’s heartbeat, which nominally could be from 6 to 12 weeks into pregnancy, known as the heartbeat bill. The injunction was also issued by Reeves in May 2019.[11] The Fifth Circuit’s rationale followed similar rationale to the injunction against the Gestational Age Act; while it is true that a fetal heartbeat can happen as early as six weeks into term, this is still well before the fetus could be considered viable. The Circuit Court opinion wrote: “If a ban on abortion after 15 weeks is unconstitutional, then it follows that a ban on abortion at an earlier stage of pregnancy is also unconstitutional.”[12]

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