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Violence & Spirituality

Why are humans so violent? Can anything be done about it? For centuries philosophers, theologians and governments have sought answers to these perplexing and vital questions. Over the past decade, a variety of hypothesis have been put forward by...

Comfort of the Father

Fatherlessness is destroying the soul of society. In America the plague is epidemic. Evidence in secular culture is too overwhelming to be ignored. Studies show that most juvenile and violent offenders have a shared characteristic: they are fatherless. Former...

Session 4: Plagues 8-10

Session 4 This session we finish the 10 plagues. We take an in depth look at the institution of the Passover and then discover the great lie of Egypt: its illegitimate king!

Session 3: Plagues 4-7

Session 3 This was taught on Nov. 17th 2012 @ Pioneer Church in San Antonio as part of a series on the 10 Plagues of the Exodus. It covers plagues 4-7.
In part one of our previous article we learned what spiritual perception is and why it's a valuable ability. Part two explores the "how's" of spiritual perception. In this article we will look at some mechanics of how we...

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Exodus Files LIVE | Session 6: Prone to Wander

The final week for Exodus Files LIVE! We discover an alter site, where the golden calf alters would have been. And memorialized in stone,...