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Un-Trumped: Hillary, Obama’s Legacy & National Healing (Episode Two)

This week on Un-Trumped we cover some reasons why I thought Hillary was not a good candidate; for a number of reasons. Most notably she would have solidified President Obama’s 8 years of radical and fundamental transformation of US culture.

Un-Trumped (Episode One)

Two Guys talking truth from two sides on Trump.

Un-Trumped: 2 Guys Talking Truth From 2 Sides on Trump is a seven-week series centered around my new friend Doug Pagitt trying to understand how I could support Trump. Both Doug and I are committed to our Christian faith. However, Doug finds it incomprehensible that I support President Trump. Our interactions are about growing in understanding and comprehension.

Episode One

Intellectuals: Rousseau (Episode One)

The first of a series of videos on Paul Johnson’s book “Intellectuals: From Marx and Tolstoy to Sartre and Chomsky”.

Redemptive Trilateral Cultures

American culture at-large has confused facts with truth, truth with opinion, and opinion with intolerance and bigotry. When facts become bigoted opinions, the truth is squeezed from the center of cultural thought.

Set Adrift In Culture

Sail boat alone in the open sea

Many people do not know what they think. Almost no one knows why they think what they think. We inherit a – by virtue of our birth in a nation, state, region, and family – a way of seeing the world. This view of the world is largely obscured from consciousness. But it remains a grand why moving beneath the mainstream current of culture, ever shaping and informing a new batch of hapless travelers along the voyage of life.

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