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10 Plagues (pt. 2): Justice and the Firstborn Sons

Part two of the series on the 10 plagues for 10 gods. In the first video, we discovered how the plagues targeted individual gods of Egypt. We looked at the first 5 to be toppled and now are on to the next 5 gods of Egypt.

10 Plagues (pt. 1): The Economy and a Sexual Ethic

The first part of a two-part series on the 10 plagues of the Exodus. Each plague was geared to a specific god of Egypt.

No Longer Miscarrying His Promise

Not long ago the Lord began to speak to me about how his people were “miscarrying his promise” in the spheres of influence he had given them. I felt like the Lord was showing me that we are pregnant with the Kingdom of Heaven and full of the life of God waiting to be poured out into creation, but many had either brought to term a lifeless work, or that work had been birthed too soon and could not be sustained.


Death To Right and Wrong

The spring of 2003 was a magical time for me. I was living at the height of a conviction that I was called – at all costs – to confront evil and wrong ideas with powerful eternal truths. About to graduate a major state university with a degree in Philosophy of Religion, I was quite comfortable atop my religious high-horse built for war.

Un-Trumped: Understanding & Living Un-Trumped (Episode Seven)

This, our final installment of Un-Trumped, we offer some practical advice on how to live without the experience of trying to “trump” other people, or be “trumped” by them. And no, I’m not talking about the president.

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