Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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  A Sunday sermon I preached at ONE Church in Fayetteville GA. It's part of the 5 week series on "Supernatural".
Every year approaching New Years Day I spend some time asking God what is on his heart for the new year. January 1st, 2018 I heard some things about the mid-term elections and the relentless assaults on the President of the United States by "political mobs". For many of...
The above video is a few words I shared about the establishment of the nation of Israel. The 70th-anniversary celebration of Israel's modern statehood took place on May 14th, 2018. It was held at The Coming King Prayer and Sculpture Garden in Kerrville, TX. If you're in or driving through the Hill...
King David wanted to build a permanent temple to the Lord. But in 1 Chronicles 17 we discover that God had other plans in mind. God would build a house for David, and establish a kingdom that would never end. Was that kingdom ruled by Solomon who built the...
Part two of the series on the 10 plagues for 10 gods. In the first video, we discovered how the plagues targeted individual gods of Egypt. We looked at the first 5 to be toppled and now are on to the next 5 gods of Egypt.