Adam Schindler teaching in Singapore 2017.

Adam W. Schindler is an international conference speaker, consultant, and digital strategy executive with vast experience digital marketing, messaging and web design and development.

Adam is the President of Schindler Digital LLC, a consulting and digital messaging firm founded in 2011, which specializes in helping organizations discover and structure an effective and scalable digital strategy. He has unique and varied experience that allows him to align web technology, visual design, messaging and modern data-driven marketing techniques into a cohesive strategy.

Adam’s previous experience includes several years as the Vice President of Strategy and Business development for Giles-Parscale, a leading website design, development and digital marketing firm with a strong footprint in the San Antonio and surrounding markets, as well as global recognition for their role in the Donald J. Trump for President campaign. His nearly three years at Giles-Parscale has given him valuable insight into world-class branding and design, and experience with cutting-edge data-driven marketing built on audience segmentation, universe creation, and micro-targeting techniques.

He also currently serves on the pastoral team at Central Church in Las Vegas; overseeing their global online strategy to establish new churches using data-driven marketing to identify engaged populations in various parts of the world.

For nearly two decades prior to working for Giles-Parscale, Adam worked in the non-profit sector, serving as a Senior Pastor, Worship Pastor, Director of Communications and most every role in between.

He also founded Schindler Project, Inc., a registered Texas nonprofit which builds interactive studies rooted in the scriptures. The studies explore the spiritual, cultural, historical and modern-day geopolitical implications of the Bible in unique and engaging ways. They cover topics from the book of Exodus, the origin of the Temple in Jerusalem to the first-century context of the life of Jesus and Jewish origins of the Christian faith.